Steven Himmelstein – Guitar

Steven Himmelstein teacher guitar lessons at Desert Ridge Music Academy. At an early age Steven Himmelstein was bitten by the music bug. Being from a family that never stayed in one place for very long, music remained a constant and was a great outlet for creativity and self soothing. Although he was always very interested in it, Steven didn’t pick up the guitar till age 14. Improvising and writing songs began quickly thereafter. He joined the High School big band which would later lead him to pursue a music degree from Arizona State University where he studied jazz with Chuck Marohnic, Chris Champion, Mike Crotty and Michael Kouker.

After graduation Steven moved to NYC in 2009 to further his music education. While studying voice from the great Judy Hages, Steven worked all over town with his own band and different projects.

As a guitarist he has shared the stage with performers such as Joey DeFrancesco, Ski Beats, Viva, Scott Wendholt, Rich Perry, Dave Blair, Sam Pilafian, Gunther Schuller, Mike Crotty, Mike Kouker, Papa John DeFrancesco, Regina Carter, Quincy Davis, and several others. He’s opened and performed songs before Alicia Keys, UB40, and The Neville Brothers.

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