Kids Group Guitar Class

Popular Music Guitar Styles
Learn the basics of playing different styles of popular music on guitar, including rock, pop, blues, and country, so you can play your favorite songs!

Chords & Rhythm

Students will learn to make simple chords, play basic rhythms, and use counting to be able to play along with popular songs in a group setting.

Flexible Instruction

Beginner students will be shown the basics , including the parts of the guitar, how to hold the guitar and pick, how to count, and simple chord forms. Students with more experience can be provided with more challenging material appropriate to their level, including more advanced chords and rhythms and basic principles of improvisation (soloing). All students will learn to read a basic chord chart, count measures, and learn some simple song forms. The goal is for all students to be able to play songs together as a group, contributing parts based on the level they are comfortable playing at.
If you’ve never played before or have played but would like to learn more, and you want to learn to play some cool songs by yourself or with other players, this class is a great place to start!

Class is currently on hold.



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