Mercedes Kartchner

Mercedes is a violin instructor at Desert Ridge Music Academy as well as a 5th grade teacher at Mesa Arts Academy. She received a Bachelor’s degree in music from Utah Valley University and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Music Education at Arizona State University. In addition to teaching in public schools throughout Washington, Utah and Arizona, one of the most fulfilling roles she taught in was as an instructor with the ASU String Project which brings affordable lessons and music classes to underprivileged youth in the valley.

Her love of the violin began at the age of 8 when she first started taking lessons and from there has only expanded as she has been a member of various ensembles. Although the violin is still her primary instrument, she enjoys singing, playing the guitar and piano. Despite having experiences performing with world-class musicians, she still finds that the most rewarding place to share her gift of music is with loved ones.

With her students, Mercedes sees her role as more of a facilitator than a teacher. Her greatest passion in teaching is helping her students to unlock their unique creative abilities through artistic interpretations, improvisation or composition. Whether there is an interest in learning primarily classical music or exploring other popular genres, she is excited to empower her students with all the tools they will need in accomplishing their goals.