Summer Group Classes

Looking for something music related to do this summer? 

The workshops listed below are great opportunities for musicians and students to sharpen their skills, as well as learn a lot of new music skills! Take a look at the information below and find the right workshops for you. Additional information about each workshop is also below!

Musical Theater Workshop

Being part of a musical production is great, but it can be an overwhelming experience and not the ideal setting to learn and improve musical theater skills. This class works as a bridge between private lessons and a musical production to create the right setting for learning the techniques needed to excel in musical theater!


Play-By-Ear Studio

Learn how to play your instrument without reading sheet music! Skills like learning melodies by ear, improvising, and composing your own music are all different skills that we oftentimes don’t develop in our regular lessons. Come to the Play-By-Ear Workshop if you are interested in developing the skills that will allow you to figure out how to play your favorite melodies from the radio, movies, or video games!


Songwriting and Harmony Workshop

Songwriting is a great way to use your instrument and start creating your own music, but where do you start with the whole process? Come learn the mysterious ways of chords and unlock the secrets to composing your own music, improvising, and more! This is a class for students who want to learn more about creating music and have a good foundation of basic major and minor chords already.

Intro to Rock Band

The Intro To Band workshop is great to learn how to jam with others while enhancing personal musicianship. It can be a struggle to find other musicians to play along with or develop the skills to play in a group. This workshop removes that struggle and allows to you improve your ability in a band setting!