Tom Mein – Guitar & Bass

Tom Mein is a working guitarist and teacher with 40+ yrs playing and 25+ yrs private teaching experience. Born in the Detroit area, he grew up listening to and playing a wide variety of music, from Motown to Jazz to Rock to Punk and everything in between. Since moving to Arizona, Tom has played with many top musicians, bands, and singers in the Valley, and always looks forward to doing so when the opportunity arises.

Tom performs solo, both in public venues and for private engagements, playing his own music as well as instrumental interpretations of rock, pop and jazz standards. 

Tom has done recording and live music clinics at the Conservatory for Recording Arts in Gilbert, worked in the house bands at the Jackrabbit Lounge and the Skye Lounge, fronted a jazz/pop trio, played in an original rock band, played in a metal band, played as worship team guitarist for 4 yrs, and been called upon for many sideman gigs with artists t/o the area. Artists Tom has worked for and with in the past include Lee Oskar of War, Crayon Sky, the Vibe, Floor 13, the Kip Fox band, the Tim Sealy Band, Time Bomb, the Sharett Miller Duo, and more.

Tom has been teaching private guitar lessons for 25 years and is lucky to have some great students and ex-students, whom he counts as some of his closest friends, of which many have gone on to play professionally.